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Amei Owen, Davis School District Multiple schools

“Amei is a Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (TDHH) in Davis School District. She works with multiple students from preschool age to high school age. Amei is wise, humble, and an ever present advocate for the students she works with. Amei, like her fellow colleagues, not only teach students with hearing loss but also teach the adults in the students lives– so that these adults can ensure they are engaging in teaching practices and/or use of accommodations to ensure students with hearing impairments have appropriate access in the school setting. Her multiple administrators and teachers she consult with frequently comment on how supportive she is and how grateful they are to work along side her. In addition to being a teacher of multiple students at multiple schools Amei mentors new Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing as well as serves as the department liaison for her fellow colleagues. TDHH is a niche profession and we have few of these professionals in the state– my one wish is that we could clone Amei as her knowledge, skill set, and problem solving nature is beyond compare. Thank you Amei for all you do for your colleagues, teachers/administrators, parents, and most of all students!”

Submitted by: Bethanie Monsen-Ford

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