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Arline Anderson – Antelope Elementary

This teacher really made an impact on my life. She was always really happy; she stuck by her guns and actually taught us. She always had a reason for everything, she made it so the students- especially me- understood anything. She is always there just to talk to and share one-on-one communication.

She really helped me with some hard personal things that I was going through at the moment. She made sure that I knew that I wasn’t alone in the problems that I was facing. Mrs. Anderson always checked up on me, even when she knew nothing was wrong. She made sure that I was doing my homework and in-class assignments. I was a really hard student to work with and she helped me realize that I needed to get rid of some really bad habits.

Mrs. Anderson may not remember me as well as I remember her. I remember one day, that she read a letter to us in class and it said, “…all teachers are here to make a difference. Not to punish the students…” and I cried. I know, me crying might be hard to picture (considering that many of you who are reading this pathetic excuse of a thank-you letter, do not know me). I also remember talking with Mrs. Anderson one afternoon about something family-wise. She started crying and then I started crying, we gave each other a really awkward but friendly hug and she told me that it was going to be okay. I remember the most crucial part of my education, I don’t know if she does. But, that says a lot if I remember. If she ever reads this, this last note goes to her.

I am so sorry for not turning in any of my assignments, arguing, and making up excuses of why I hadn’t turned in my work. Because of you, I got rid of those bad habits and I’m not failing any of my classes anymore. I also learned a thing or two about grammar. I miss you teaching me. I miss being in 6th grade, and you were right, everything got harder after 6th grade. You’re a really great teacher, if anyone tells you different, tell me and I will end them (not literally, obviously.)

–Adria Moore