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Camee Faulk – Kearns High School

Camee Faulk is one of the greatest teachers and people that I know. She is so dedicated to her students. I honestly think that she cares about each one of them on a very personal level. She is the drama teacher at Kearns High School, she teaches all 8 periods so she does not even have a prep period. She devotes countless hours after school for rehearsals and then she shops for costumes, props, and anything else needed. I have even known of her to take home costumes to try to sew even if that is not her talent. In addition, she does things outside of school to bring the drama council closer. When most teachers take the summer off she is preparing for the next year and opening her home to the parents of Productions Company to meet and get everything planned for the next year. She also does something that I think teaches by example and inspires her students, she performs over the summer and invites all of them to come see her. All of this with two small children! She leaves me in awe.

On a more personal note she has taught both of my kids. My son who graduated last year was in her classes for 3 years. He took her class more as a last option in 10th grade. He came home after the first day very upset because he was going to have to learn to sing and dance! He was very introverted, terrified to talk to people. I saw him transform that year and over the next 2 after that. He became more confident, had a lot more friends and could talk to complete strangers. He can get on stage and perform and blow me away and who he becomes. By 11th grade he had enough confidence to apply to be on drama council for the following year, he made it on and I was once again able to see another transformation as he learned to become a leader. Through Mrs. Faulks stage productions class he learned to not just love the stage but the entire production process. The seed was planted for what will one day be his career in Technical Theater.

My daughter is now in 9th grade and in 2 of Mrs. Faulks classes. She loves it! However the influence started long before being in her class. She was with me to so many rehearsals and performances and was able to witness the interactions between Mrs. Faulk and her students. Because of this example and also watching her brother she decided to become involved in theater too. She has decided that she wants to be a theater teacher and the reason she has given is so that she can inspire others the same way that Mrs. Faulk has inspired her. Last year she actually got really poor grades but because of requirements to be in Mrs. Faulks performing class and a promise that she made directly to Mrs. Faulk she has turned that completely around and will have a 4.0 or close to it after her first quarter in high school. This is something that no matter how much I tried I could not get her to do.

In short I could not ask for a better teacher or role model in my kids’ lives. I will forever be thankful for the influence she has had in all of our lives.