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Chip Hayes – South Summit Middle School

Hi my name is Austin and I just want to tell you about my History teacher Mr. Hayes. I think he is the best teacher I have ever had. He teaches from his past experiences and not from a text book. He makes class so fun and all of the kids love him. He has a way to make ever subject we talk about in class so fun and it makes us all want to go to class every day. He has been the school favorite teacher for so long.. He deserves this nomination! He spends his own money to buy stuff from the past so we can touch real life artifacts. I wish I could have him as a teacher for every class. He is the BEST!!! He teaches us in such a good way that when I get home I remember everything! Even though we have fun in class (a ton of fun) we still learn! He is voted the best teacher in our school every year and I just want everyone to know who he is.

Thank You,

Austin McCluskey