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Cindy Danner – Bluff Ridge Elementary School

It’s not very often that I meet someone so amazing—so inspiring—they change the lives of everyone around them for the best. When my daughter, Ruby Morris, was in second grade, I had the privilege of meeting a teacher like this. Cindy Danner gave of her own free time and taught Book Club after school for the children who struggled with reading. Every night when book club ended, I watched as my daughter seemed more confident and happy. I really thought things were beginning to change.

But the following year she regressed. In third grade Ruby struggled even harder with reading. Her sweet teacher called me concerned, and proceeded to tell me how if things didn’t improve, Ruby would have to be in resource. We worked even harder then, reading as much as we could, but Ruby still seemed terrified. She cried when we talked about “aloud reading time” in class. She said the kids laughed when she paused between words. One of the kids even started making fun of her during recess and after school.

Time passed and fourth grade was about to start. I was thrilled to find out that Mrs. Danner (the Book Club teacher from second grade) would be Ruby’s homeroom teacher.

I’m writing this letter to say that this year has been amazing. I’m crying as I type this because I’ve seen my child go from being terrified of school, to loving every minute. She can’t wait to read in front of the class. She can’t wait to work on her math now! Mrs. Danner sincerely loves each student. She took special time to find out what methods would help my daughter learn best. One day she called me in because she found a neat hand game to help Ruby remember her times tables. She even found interactive games that inspire kids to love division!
My child transformed from the kid who used to dislike school so much she’d fake being sick, to the child who eagerly goes to school early just because she can’t wait to learn more.

Mrs. Danner has changed my child’s life. She’s left a lasting mark that no one can take away. I’m so thankful for the confidence and courage she’s instilled in my child, and I will always be grateful because in resurrecting my child’s love of education, she’s saved my hopes in it as well.

Thanks for your time,

Elisa Morris (A grateful mother)