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Collett Davis, Eaglecrest Elementary

“Mrs. Davis is the teacher you dreamed of having as a child. She loves her students beyond measure and works so hard to make school a safe, warm, loving environment for them. She always makes sure her students come to school ready to learn, she focuses on the curriculum while finding fun and creative ways for her student to learn hard concepts. She provides students with snack breaks and brain breaks so school is a kinetic and fun atmosphere. She uses creativity and thematic units to engage and inspire students in tricky concepts that could otherwise be tedious and boring.

At the beginning of last year, my daughter Lily was apprehensive about starting second grade. She wasn’t a confident reader nor was she particularly strong at math. Lily is sensitive and kind but she was anxious about getting back to school. Mrs. Davis welcomed her in to school with a big smile and a heart that matched my daughters. She took the time to listen to her when she was down and helped her not only with reading, writing, and math, but also helped Lily to establish good social skills.

When the pandemic hit, Lily and her twin Iris were at home with me and any time they needed help, Mrs. Davis was ready on a zoom call to help. I remember one particular day the girls were struggling in the morning to complete a math assignment and by 10 AM Mrs. Davis was there on our computer teaching both girls about fractions in her positive, engaging way. Thanks in no small part to Mrs. Davis Lily has thrived, becoming a great reader and a determined math student. I was sad to hear that Mrs. Davis will retire at the end of this year. Choosing to focus on her roll as a Grandmother. Mrs. Davis is truly incredible, a wonder of the teaching profession. They don’t make teacher’s like her anymore. I know that my daughter Lily is not the only child whose education and life has been blessed by Mrs. Davis. I feel like a teacher who has taught with such love and passion for 36 years deserves to be recognized for the thousands of students in our state who she helped care for and mold. Therefore, I nominate Collette Davis for KSL’s teacher feature.”

Submitted by Jeffrey Young

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