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Craig Knight – North Point Elementary

Craig Knight is the most deserving person I know. He has done things that no other teacher I have ever had would do. He’s not afraid to do things that are “outside the box”, and get his students involved in things that are unexpected.

He has done a lot of unique things for me and other students in my class. But here are a few of the many things he has done for us…

There is a girl who can’t have candy or things with too much sugar. So Mr. Knight secretly found out what her favorite Red Mango flavor was and served it to her like she was at a fancy restaurant. Literally, he put a beautiful table cloth on her desk, pulled her chair out, and even pretended to take her order. She was so surprised. But it doesn’t stop there, he bought a gigantic ball that was over 6 feet tall, painted it like the Earth, and let us, one at a time, climb up on it and crawl on it while the rest of the class rolled it. And we played many other games with it. It was so much fun! And one more thing, even though there are way more than the ones I have listed, he spent two years in the Philippines and learned how to tinikle, a Philippine cultural dance, and then taught us all how to do it. It was amazing!
But it’s not only the side activities that we do that makes him great, it’s the way he teaches. He doesn’t move on from a subject unless he is positive we all understand it. And if we don’t understand the concept, he lets us come in before or after school to get extra help. But as much as I don’t want to leave his class, he has really prepared us for Junior High.

So altogether, he is an amazing teacher who loves his job and is very passionate about teaching. He really deserves this for him and his “sweetie”. That’s how he refers to his wife. He is so humble, and doesn’t think he is that great. But we know how great he is, and know that he really deserves this.

–Lindsey Hallam