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Debra Lee-Devlin, Bluff Ridge School

“Debra, (known by her students as Ms Dee) is a professional educator from the word go. She has spent most of her career of twenty plus years teaching the elementary grades. That’s where she can make a difference and she does. As the Covid pandemic hit, she realized there was change in the weather and she decided to adapt to it. She now teaches forty plus students via the Zoom application and though it takes a great deal more effort than teaching in person, she feels it’s all worth it to keep the education system going. She is one dedicated educator and puts forth the effort to get the job done right. Her students show it by their enthusiasm every day. I know all this to be true because I’m her dad and say all this without any prejudice at all. She’s a great teacher. That’s the bottom line.”

Submitted by: Ralph Lee

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