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Deyette Montgomery, Silver Ridge Elementary

“My daughter struggled in 1st grade. It wasn’t because her teacher wasn’t a good teacher, she just wasn’t good for my daughter. My daughter was intimidated by her which caused her to loose confidence in being able to learn anything new. What started with being nervous to go to school turned into tears and then throwing up each morning. I was actually glad when Covid hit and she no longer had to go to school. I was concerned at what 2nd grade would bring and it we would be even worse off because now she was significantly behind due to Covid. Mrs. Montgomery has not only helped my daughter feel comfortable being at school again, she has created an environment of safety, support and love in which my daughter has thrived! Her Reading fluency went from a 45 at the beginning of the year (end of year goal of 72) to a 90 by January and she has made 74% growth in Math. She has exceeded 2nd grade benchmarks by mid-year and willingly goes to school each morning. It would not have happened had she not have had Mrs. Montgomery and doing whatever it took to help my daughter feel comfortable and loved in her classroom.”

Submitted by: Rebecca Becker

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