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Fredia Shumway, Liberty Hills Elementary

“Mrs. Shumway has taught 3 of my children and I will request her as my daughters 1st grade teacher when she is that old. She is such a great teacher and has spent extra time with my children helping them learn to read and develop a love for learning and school. All three kids have had incredible experiences in 1st grade which has helped them be successful through out their schooling. My second son when in 1st grade had some bad spots of eczema around his elbows and knees. She had a bottle of lotion that when she could see him scratching and being distracted by that, she would have him come and put lotion on so he could learn better. Our family loves Mrs. Shumway and appreciate all that she does for all the 1st graders when they are at such an impressionable age. Thank you Mrs. Shumway for making a difference!”

Submitted by: Ryan Anderson

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