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Jana Bilton – Knowlton Elementary

I am nominating Jana Bilton for Teacher Feature this year because of her influence as a teacher to her students, family, and friends. Jana has overcome a variety of different health problems this year and has still been able to teach her class of second grade students; while also being a mother to her four children. Her students love and admire her funny personality and her amazing teaching style.
As a teacher Jana emphasizes the importance of classroom unity. She believes that kindness and care for all the individuals in her class is the most important thing that she can teach her students. She teaches each child on an individual level and cares the most about teaching children to have a good moral character. She knows that as children build their character, then the academic part of school will be even more beneficial. She loves the “difficult” students, and claims that she was once a “difficult” student herself.
While also teaching she is a mother to 4 children. She loves her children more than anything else and is known to drop anything to run and help them. She is a selfless person who is always looking and listening for ways to serve her family.

This past year has been difficult for Jana as she has dealt with physical and mental illnesses. She has been able to deal with these things with a happy and cheerful attitude while also serving her students and family. Jana deserves to be recognized for the amazing teacher, and friend that she is.

–Sarah Bilton