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Jennica Redd – Grove Crest Element

Jennica Redd is an incredible, inspiring teacher! On a typical day, you will find Jennica starting her morning by sharing some healthy yummy goodies with her coworkers, tutoring some students who need extra help, and then gearing up for her class to arrive to begin an eventful fun day. Once her class arrives, she hits the ground running and gives her ALL to her students in helping them succeed. Her lessons are full of real life experiences, technology, and student engagement. Her students absolutely adore her because she makes learning exciting with hands-on lessons. She brings social studies, science, reading, and math to life as her students are able to create and build and learn. No matter what the student’s background is or how their day is going, each of them leave with a love of learning and smile of their faces. I have seen her work with one student in particular that has a rougher time at school and she is so firm but kind with him. He has grown so much and come far because of Jennica’s patience and kindness with him. She will quietly go out of her way to make sure he feels important and successful when he makes correct choices; and spends time chatting with him when he makes mistakes so he can do better. It has been so sweet to watch. She is also one to reach out and call parents after school to better connect with their child and how they can partner for success. Her teaching goes far beyond the 8 hour school day she is at work. I love how she is always thinking of her students.

Jennica is one that makes EVERYONE feel important, appreciated, and loved. When I have had to get a last minute sub for being sick, she stepped right up to help me and reached out as a team player to get my sub plans ready and make sure my class was taken care of. Whenever she notices another staff member, parent, or student do something kind – no matter how small- she makes sure they know she is grateful for them. This is such an exemplary quality to have. She truly uplifts everyone around her. Even on days when the work load is heavy and stress is in the air, she has a positive attitude and makes the best of it by enjoying it. She is a teacher that is a true example of enjoying work every day. I have never seen a first year teacher quite like Jennica. She has inspired me to be a better teacher myself and doesn’t quite really know what an impact she has had on my year. She has helped me to keep going and smile each day. Because of what a giving, appreciative, kind, thoughtful l, patient, hardworking teacher she is, I would love her to be acknowledged and publicly thanked. She deserves it so very much. Thank you. – Ashley Wright