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Jennifer Clark, Lakeview Elementary

“Jennifer Clark is my sister. She is one of the most dedicated people I have ever seen in a classroom, and this is coming from a third generation teacher. Jeni Is also a third generation teacher and works hard to make sure she can create a classroom environment that is welcoming and accommodating for every student she meets. She makes learning fun, and constantly searches out new ways to engage her students with ideas and concepts that can sometimes be challenging or frightening. With the transition to online learning during COVID-19 these past two years, Jeni has worked so hard to engage her students and their families even when they couldn’t meet in person. Now that she is meeting with her students in person again, she works extra hard to help students feel safe and tries to make sure that her classroom is a safe space where real learning can happen. Jeni pushes herself for professional development, and is ready and willing to learn new concepts to make her classroom even more exciting than it already is. Add to this, Jeni is also a mom. She treats her children at home and her children in the classroom with such love and care. Jeni is a safe place for all of them, and adults they can trust. She is also an amazing advocate for our widowed mother and helps her with so many tasks that Mom can’t do on her own. In general, I think all teachers are super heroes, but I must admit I think my little sister is one of the best.”

Submitted by: Stephanie Maenhardt

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