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Jennifer Schmidt, Centerville Elementary

“Mrs. Schmidt is hands down the best teacher because she has helped this little girl who lost her mom and she is the most selfless person I know. She goes out of her way to help people and her children in her class. She is an amazing person who is going out of her way to help this little girl who is going through a hard time and has done so much for her. We are all so grateful for her and anytime or any day to help kids in her class. She is amazing!”

Submitted by: Kaylee Baumgartner

“Mrs. Schmidt is the good teacher. She helped a girl who lost her mom and the girl is happy because Mrs. Schmidt helped her.”

Submitted by: Lizbeth Garcia

“She lets us use our phones, she lets us play kahoot, she lets us play Minecraft, she is the best teacher known to man and woman kind.”

Submitted by: Bri

“She’s so sweet and thoughtful. She doesn’t give us homework unless were really naughty. I want my sister to have her next year.  Love you Mrs. Schmidt! From her whole class!!!!!”

Submitted by: Nya McCurdy

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