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Justin Meyer, Payson High School

“Mr. Meyer teaches Honors Math and AP Calculus, is a Student Council advisor, teaches the driver education course, and has facilitated and taught the before and after school ACT prep courses. This year, our school district moved to a new grading system. Not only were teachers dealing with figuring out how to get content online in the midst of this pandemic, they were also trying to learn a new grading system. Mr. Meyer stepped in and immediately began a training program for teachers. He is always available to help teachers and students alike. Traditionally, we think of teachers teaching students; teachers need teachers too! And Mr. Meyer fills that need. He wears a lot of hats and through it all, he is funny, helpful, and kind. He stopped by my classroom the other day, and as he walked in, a chorus of students shouted their hello to him, including calling him a “genius,” because there is nothing that Mr. Meyer can’t do. Last night after parent/teacher conference, I stopped by the faculty room before going home, and Mr. Meyer was there, all alone, quietly cleaning up the remains of our faculty dinner. He anticipates needs before we are even aware of those needs. His students love him. And I don’t know how faculty and staff would function without him.”

Submitted by: Gaylynn Parker

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