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Kathleen Lamborn, Sunset Elem/North Davis Junior High

“Kathleen is a Speech and Language Pathologist in the Davis School District. Kathleen is wonderful! She loves working with her students and always makes sure to share that with parents, and during IEP meetings, will share an anecdote that shows how much progress students are making, and demonstrates how much she cares about all of her kiddos. Kathleen is prompt with getting testing completed, and is a joy to work with. She is knowledgeable, kind, and organized, and I enjoy working with her. Kathleen is very deserving! Kathleen works with teacher to assess the speech needs of their students. She works diligently to ensure that the learning needs of all the students she services are met. She is a great asset to our school team and brings a wealth of knowledge to any conversation. It is fun to hear the stories she tells of working with students and the joy which that brings to her.”

Submitted by: Kirsten Mele

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