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Kelsie Berrett – West Jordan High School

I am a sophomore at West Jordan High School. The reason I’m writing this nomination letter today is to bring attention and gratitude to a single person who I believe should be acknowledged for her hard work. Miss Kelsie Berrett is a new teacher at West Jordan this year, and she is currently teaching Secondary 3 Mathematics, and World Civilizations. Each subject is taught every other day, and I have had the privilege of having both of her classes every morning. Each day that I arrive to class, Miss Berrett always has something planned (or very well improvised) for the day. Whether it be an engrossing, first hand lesson on dictatorship and World War II, or a lesson on quadratic theories and equations. Her teaching methods are expressed through different techniques for various learning abilities so everyone may understand. This is the first teacher I have ever had that has the capability of contributing to each students’ learning needs and abilities. Not only does she teach two completely different subjects, but what’s even more admirable is that she manages it. Countless times has she received hundreds of papers and tests to grade with a very short deadline to complete them by. However, she has not misplaced, or miss-graded any of my work yet, and they are always graded by the time expected. Countless times has she only received a couple hours of sleep, or became ill overnight, and still taught the next morning full of optimism and enthusiasm, keeping her happy smile on her face. Not only does she keep up with her side of homework, but she actually cares. She has never missed an opportunity to help us with our grades and keep us passing. For every assignment and test there are extra credit chances for every student. Although tests cannot be retaken, she has taught me how to easily and quickly take beneficial notes, show credential work (even my concerns) on assignments, and also be comfortable expressing my confusion in a large classroom environment. Miss Berrett is without a doubt the best, most hard working teacher I have ever had. She has made such an impact on my grades, schooling and high school experience. Most of my middle school years consisted of struggling to pass my math classes. Without her, I don’t believe I would have acquired a B average throughout this year. I cannot imagine the stress that she has held over 8 months, especially considering this her first year teaching! I urge you to consider my nomination. Everything disclosed in this letter has been severely understated, and my expression of respect and gratitude for her as a teacher is very big, or else I would never have thought to write this. I thoroughly hope that her effort does not go unnoticed, and she is rewarded and acknowledged for what a great teacher and person she truly is. Thank you.

— Anonymous