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Kimberly Maughan – West Haven Elementary

Mrs. Maughan has gone above and beyond the call of teacher. At the beginning of the school year my 8-year-old fell out of a bedroom window and suffered from a traumatic brain injury. Even though school had only been in session 3 days Mrs. Maughan had the class make my daughter get well cards and personally delivered them to Primary Children’s Hospital. As we transitioned my daughter back to school Mrs. Maughan would text me during recesses and lunch to give me updates on my daughter, how my daughter was handling the headaches, what the school was doing to try and ease the headaches and how she was doing in her school work. I don’t know many teachers who would take such time and care for one student! And now Mrs. Maughan and I talk regularly trying to find the best way to get my daughter back on track for learning. She has explored several routes and it just amazes me how much she cares about my daughter’s health and wellness! Mrs. Maughan also has taken an interest in my younger two kids; she will ask them about their school work and life in general. Mrs. Maughan is truly in a league of her own!!!

–Caroline Mazyck