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Kyle Brady – Tooele High School

Mr. Brady, or Coach Brady as he is better known, is a teacher at Tooele high school as well as the head football coach. He teaches the special needs classes at the school but is far more than a teacher to these students.

It is clearly obvious that Coach Brady cares about his students. Not just because it’s part of his job, he genuinely cares. Anytime something isn’t right he calls me personally to make sure I’m aware of the situation. For example, my son missed the bus and decided to walk the four mile trek to school. Coach Brady called me when Kaden arrived so I knew he was safe. Another time my son didn’t have the proper attire for school and again, I received a phone call. But there’s more. Coach Brady has created a special bond with Kaden. They have secret handshakes; Coach Brady used them for play calling.
Kaden claims to have helped name Coaches son (jury still out on that one). He even invited Kaden to be the team manager for the basketball team where his duties included, but were not limited to; bringing out the game ball for the referees, opening the locker room at half time for the players, filling water bottles for players and provided much needed assistance entertaining the players on the bench.

When I sent my son to high school for the first time I worried about how he would be treated by others. All parents of children with special needs have this fear. But Coach Brady himself walked Kaden to some of his classes to make sure he got there. He invited Kaden to weight lifting classes and introduced him to the players on the football and basketball teams. It was an ingenious way to get my son known to some of the most popular kids in the school which in turn created friendships and watchful eyes for my son. These students will go out of their way if they see Kaden to come say hi. I appreciate the invaluable relationships this has formed.

During Kaden’s IEP (individual education plan) meetings Coach Brady remains very open minded to my needs and wants. He always takes into consideration my worries and ideas. He never makes me feel rushed to end the meeting and always explains things thoroughly to me. He is also a liaison between me and the other teachers of the school for my son’s needs.

–Leslie Shields