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Larry Smith, Bountiful High School

Larry is the choir teacher at Bountiful High School. He has gone above and beyond with his class and students for many years. There are students all over the state who will still say Larry was their favorite teacher. He had a hard job during COVID with teaching choir and went above and beyond.

When everything was locked down he transitioned to on line quickly and kept his students moving forward with their music training and practicing at home. This year for Christmas he broke what is usually a large Christmas concert to many small concerts with socially distancing and masks required. The students really needed this, I know it helped their mental state and attitudes to work on the concert and still perform even under the different circumstances.

He also created a wonderful feeling in the community as people were allowed to join online live as he continued to work with and comply with restrictions and regulations to deliver a wonderful concert. He is always creative with his concerts and they are looked forward to in the school and the community. This year he had to be even more creative to deliver the concert. He is a teacher who loves the kids, loves his job and always goes above and beyond for his students. They know he cares about them. He is an amazing educator!!! We in Bountiful would be so happy to see him recognized.