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Liz Halloran, Westland Elementary School

“Mrs. Halloran has been three of my kid’s teacher. She is amazing and goes above and beyond to help her students become independent and successful. As a parent, it is invaluable. She teaches them to be responsible for their own work so I rarely have to get involved. They practice, memorize and perform recitations, write all assignments in cursive, compete in and win advanced math competitions, plan and organize their own class parties, have an election (modeled after presidential elections) for class officers, make committees for all students to be involved in (drama, art, sports, etc) and fun book groups and performances. On non-Covid years, she and the other fifth grade teachers put on the best patriotic assembly I have ever been to. Mrs. Halloran has a piano in her room and they learn many patriotic songs and all the songs of the branches of the military and perform them for the veterans they invite. She also has the kids do volunteer hours and sets up opportunities for her students to perform talent shows for care centers. She has a big award that kids can work on all year and earn at the final assembly. The kids work on memory books. She prints photos for them to use. In the summer after 5th grade she invites all the kids to come finish their scrapbooks and also has them meet her at a tennis court another day and gives them all a tennis lesson. She is positive and cares about every student and their parents. She has taught for many, many years and this is her FINAL year. She will greatly missed by all of us. Please help us send her off with a bang!”

Submitted by: Kristen Lundberg

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