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Loralee Evans, Uintah River High School

“This outstanding lady drives almost an hour every day to reach her school located on the Ute reservation in Fort Duchesne, Utah. As a young boy until now (in my early 20’s), I have never heard Lora complain about the distance it takes her to drive to her work. Rain or snow, she remains a positivist and focuses on having a bright outlook on life rather a bad one.

She has often explained to her kids the wonderful students she has had in her English classes and the accomplishments her school has made! She loves her students and her school! She does not consider herself to be the best teacher. Rather, she is constantly thinking of what to improve about herself and her teaching style. Often-a-times, she would have her kids read the stories she was going to share with her class to know if it would be a success in her class among her students.

She is a single mother and has raised four children who in my humble opinion, are great kids. She is loved by her school and neighbors. She is a great person and deserves a nomination like this.”

Submitted by: Tyler Evans

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