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Marc Daniels, Weber High School

“Theatre Performing arts is ridiculously difficult to teach in the pandemic, soft closures, quarantines galore; Mr. Daniels has brilliantly chosen plays for the auditioned repertory company which consists of acts that stand alone so that the show can go on no matter if one act gets sick and has to bail out. In one incident this year, the administration of the school sought to put all of the theater students in quarantine, but thanks to Mr. Daniels meticulous records, he was able to prove that his students were not exposed to an infected COVID-19 case. He fought for the student’s right to be in school and won.

Students know he cares about them, expects perfection while embracing mistakes, accepts they have the ability to improve and goes above and beyond duty to show it. Mr. Daniels is the best-kept secret in UT.”

Submitted by: Carolyn Burggraaf

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