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Melinda Mack, Sunset Ridge Middle School

“Mrs. Mack is an incredible teacher. She is so helpful and has a very kind heart. She is incredibly hard working and you can tell she wants the best for her students. She does everything for students. You can talk to Mrs. Mack about almost anything and she will respond well. She is the reason I love going to school. I could not thank her enough for everything she has done for our school. She is also the head of the HOPE squad which helps suicidal teens in need. Mrs. Mack is an amazing person and a great teacher.”

Submitted by: Samantha Mason

“Ms. Mack is the type of teacher that helps you when you need anything. She’s there for school and even with your private life, she will try her best to be there for you in any way she can. She is very understanding and knows that being in school with a pandemic is difficult. She is a great teacher, everything she teaches is understandable.”

Submitted by: Mia Cifuentes

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