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Michelle Johnson – Elk Ridge Middle School

I am a 7th grader at Elk Ridge Middle School, and I absolutely love Miss Johnson. In years past I have absolutely hated math. I always ended up doing okay, but the thought of going to math class put a pit in the bottom of my stomach. I would come home crying in worry about not understanding my math homework, until this year. Every morning I come in happy and excited to learn the new concept and feeling smart, instead of, feeling discouraged and dumb. She teaches each concept several different ways so that no matter how the class understands things each and every person in the class understands. Miss Johnson is willing to answer any question and help with anything anytime. We all are ready to move on to the next level. I feel ready to move to the next class next year. Because of Miss Johnson I have learned to absolutely love math. We all are ready to learn and we all want to succeed. But not only that we feel that we can succeed.

All of the kids in my class and all of her classes love her. She is the best math teacher that I have ever had. This year I voluntarily joined the math competition group at our school because I felt I would be able to succeed with Miss Johnson’s help. At the end of the competition each of us felt successful and happy. Miss Johnson helped us prepare for several months and in the end each of us felt confident, happy and ready. Several of the 8th grade students in the group always volunteer to be Miss Johnson’s aid next year. We all were sad when the competition ended because it had been so fun and inspiring to each of us.

Miss Johnson is always willing to help everyone in my class understand the materiel. She not only helps us learn though, she has created a comfortable working environment for us so that everybody feels comfortable. She laughs and jokes with us and teaches us fun and silly ways to remember how to do the concept. We all have fun learning in her class and are always excited to find out what we will learn the next day. Unlike other math classes I have been in, Miss Johnson’s room is a stress free, loving environment. Miss Johnson goes above and beyond to make her class a fun and great learning experience. Thanks to her I feel confident and happy doing math, and I am very glad that she is my teacher. She is one of my favorites. Miss Johnson is even willing to help kids that are not her students. My best friend has struggled with math even more than I did in elementary school. It has only gotten worse for her this year (She obviously doesn’t have Miss Johnson). But, after coming in with me while I got help several times, she knew Miss Johnson would be able to help her. She now goes into Miss Johnson’s room for help even though Miss Johnson isn’t and never has been her teacher. She has been doing better now.

I really, really, truly think you should choose Miss Johnson as the winner, because she is seriously the best teacher I have ever had.

–Mariane Rizzuto