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Mr. Daryl Hunt – Horizonte Instruction & Training Ctr.

This is a different kind of nomination for a different kind of teacher challenge: reengaging high-school seniors who, in their minds and hearts, have “checked out” of the school system. Daryl Hunt’s senior class, surprisingly well known in Salt Lake as simply “Daryl’s class,” is located in a small prefab building in a school parking lot, but has been the site of many spectacular turnarounds for previously disengaged students. My son went through good public/charter schools, but by junior year at East High he was completely disengaged with the system and the year was a total loss. This year, Daryl has him completely engaged, producing papers and leading discussions, making up old courses and, amazingly earning all A’s and B’s! I had thought of Horizonte as a school for students without many options, but with Daryl they have a highly competent, savvy, experienced, and inspiring teacher. I’ve heard my son’s experience echoed over and over, e.g., “Daryl? He SAVED my sister–she’s in college now!” “My son is so bright, but had totally checked out at school. Now that he’s in Daryl’s class, it’s just the medium he needed. He’s doing great work now.” I want to nominate Daryl Hunt for single-handedly succeeding in awakening the most disengaged students to education, when the educational system itself has tried but given up on them. I would like to arrange for other letters as well, but need to know how the nomination process works. Please let me know.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Francine Mahak


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