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Mrs. Cindy Dewey – Utah State University

This is my last year at USU. Cindy has done so much for me as a singer and as an individual; I look up to her so much. She is my voice teacher and the head of the voice department here at USU. She is only required to teach ten students, but each semester she usually teaches at least 3 times that many students. She helped me gain confidence in my singing as well as in myself. She is very selfless, and never talks bad about anyone. She goes way above and beyond what is expected. More than once she personally helped me set up doctors appointments when we thought I could have something wrong with my throat. She knew money was tight for me as a student so she went out and bought the generic medicine I needed to help my acid reflux. She has given numerous students lessons in exchange for house/yard work, when she knew that money was tight. Lesson that would normally cost around $45 for an hour!!

She has 2 kids, a husband and on top of teaching lessons and doing her own voice recital, she has gone back to school to get another degree in a different field of interest. She is wonder woman. She gives so much quietly without any recognition. She has always inspired me to do better. I feel that my potential is limitless when she is around. She stuck with me as a student when I continually got sick, and it seemed that my singing wasn’t improving despite our best efforts. Finally after 2 years the progress we both had faith in came. I started to become a better singer, all the hard work was paying off. She never lost hope in me, even when it would have been so easy. I know it seems ultra dramatic, but singing, next to God and family, is my life. Every time I went into her office for a lesson I always came out happy. Not just because of what she taught, but how she taught it. She always made me feel very valued and loved. This is a woman who, with just her presence, makes you want to try harder and dream bigger. I’ve had her as a voice teacher for almost four years now. She also taught the best class I have ever had, vocal pedagogy. In that class she teaches us how our voices work, how to sing, and how to teach others how to sing. That was the hardest and funniest class I have ever had. She is so smart. All of her sisters went on to become great doctors. She started collage in the medical field as well but found that she loved singing more. She changed majors and got her doctorate in music. Even though she is extremely intelligent, she is also very likable. She is a blond, through and through. We affectionately call her the ditsy genius. Because even though she is super smart she is very human, very charming and loving, prone to trip on her own feet.

I wish I could tell you all the reasons I think she deserves to be recognized. I wish I could put into words all the good she has done, and the love we all have for her. I wish I could write beautifully, so that I could more fully express how I feel. Even though this letter is very unprofessionally written, I hope you will see this letter for what it truly is, and feel the love that I along with all the music majors at USU feel for Cindy Dewey.

Lizzy Smith


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