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Mrs. Jo Greer – Farrer Preschool

I am a single mother of 3 small children. My oldest is Rose who is 4 and is in a special ed preschool that is funded through the school district. She has been in it for 2 years and has had an EXCEPTIONAL teacher. The teacher is Mrs. Jo Greer at Farrer Preschool in Provo. Between Mrs. Jo, Miss Jenn, one other classroom helper, and a speech therapist in the classroom these teachers have helped me get my daughter to talk. I found out about this program through Wasatch Mental Health when I took Rose there to see if they could help me get my children some help after leaving their very abusive father. Last year Rose had a 5 word vocabulary and these teachers have worked with her and together we have set goals to help Rose get ready for kindergarten next year. The teachers tell me that they think Rose will be able to go to kindergarten and not have to be in any special ed programs because she is doing so well. They do amazing things for small children in very short amounts of time. Recently they did another speech test with her to try to find other ways to help her a little more with her speech before she gets into the elementary school classes next year. I think these teachers should be recognized because learning starts at very young ages and these teachers have done an excellent job with many children who are behind in their development and never get much thanks for it.

Thank you,
Celeste Foster