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Principal Loren Clark, Hannah Holbrook Elementary

“It was no small task to accommodate all the restrictions caused by Covid-19, add on top of that being transferred to a new school and in the middle of construction updates! Our principal has risen to the task and lived by his motto to “out crazy the crazy!” Our students have never had a better year thanks to Principal Clark! As the PTA President this year I just assumed all of our activities would be cancelled, but Mr. Clark went out of his way to help us find solutions for online options and also host our activities outside with masks and physical distancing guidelines. Because of his leadership and direction we were able to still have an outdoor movie night, an outdoor book fair, and even an outdoor Halloween carnival. He even helped us implement a new “Random Acts” service activity in December. We had everything set up with physical distancing lines and and even a system for contact tracing. The most important impact he’s had is on the students. Since coming to our school he has created new clubs: Robotics, Husky Helpers, is working to expand the orchestra program for 4th and 5th graders, and more. His priority is finding ways for our students to take ownership of their school and is constantly thinking of ways to involve them in the many projects we have, including a new recreation/garden area he has started planning with them. As much as his influence helps the whole student body, he is always focused on the one. I can’t think of a better recipient for this award. He has made this year memorable and meaningful thanks to his ingenuity and flexibility! Thank you, Principal Clark!”

Nominated by: Jenny Gibbons