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Rebecca Ford – Tooele High School

My daughter has been in Mrs. Ford’s class at THS for three years. She is amazing teacher of severe special needs high school age students. She has such a great program at the school. Mrs. Ford was determined that the THS students learn to see “abilities” in these kids not just their disabilities. And it’s worked. There are 75 THS students who spend one class period working one on one with a disabled student. They really build relationships with the students and become friends. The THS students also support the bake sale that is held each Friday during the lunch hour that helps fund a lot of the activities that Mrs. Ford arranges for the class to do that helps them get out in the community. One big project that the whole school supports is a Mr. & Mrs. Amazing Contest where special needs participant is able to showcase a talent, dresses as a hero, and formal wear and is escorted by a THS student. Each participant wins a crown or scepter and goes home a winner. My daughter who is her class was even selected Prom Queen for her class year. Even though she is non-verbal and at a preschool ability the Students cheered as her name was announced. Mrs. Ford deserves the credit for the acceptance of these kids at THS. She has made them a valuable part of THS and they are loved, protected and most of all accepted at THS. She is AMAZING!! PLEASE RECOGNIZE HER!

–Cindy Hollar