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Robyn Kartchner, Excelsior Academy

Robyn is a special education teacher at Excelsior Academy, in Erda, Utah. I have had the pleasure to work with and learn from her for 6 years. I have watched her soften the most difficult students; children who’s actions are a result of unseen struggles that are beyond their control.

Her enormous heart gives the needed help to teachers trying to navigate the frustration that follows these children. She works tirelessly to fight for the rights and needs of our special education students: her work is often taken home, done on weekends, and during vacations. When asked why she does that, her response is “I do it for my students.”

Robyn Kartchner is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to students with disabilities and what stands in the way of giving them the resources needed to find success in school. I have seen students who have graduated from her care return to visit her; it is amazing to see that they have overcome some of the many challenges that would have prevented them from finding success had it not been for our sweet Robyn.

Her caseload is high for a special education teacher, extremely high, but she continues to work endless hours supporting her students and her teachers. While she works tirelessly for her students and teachers, she herself has two boys with autism. Her love knows no bounds. Robyn is an absolute hero in my eyes. She deserves so much more than a few words of praise!