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Rylee Purser, Davinci Academy

“Mrs. Rylee Purser is a truly unique 6th math teacher at Davinci Academy. My child has some special needs and has been in mostly contained classrooms and it affected his self esteem and he was years behind in math. This was my child’s first year in a traditional math class and the difference Rylee has made in his life is truly remarkable! In my son’s words, ‘she is the best teacher I have ever had and she is passionate about teaching and really cares about her students’. He has also said it is truly important to her that kids learn the material and makes math fun.

As a parent of 2 children and having spent years in school, she is one of the most astounding teachers I have ever encountered. She comes to school always positive, smiling, bubbly and excited to be teaching. She has this way about her that comes naturally of making each and every student feel special and excited to learn. She understands each child is unique and adapts her approach to allow each student to reach highest potential. No teacher has made progress with my son as she has, both academically and emotionally! I’m a grateful to her.

She spends time above and beyond what is typically expected regarding communicating with parents through text and email and is more than happy to assist in any difficulty a student is having- including after school hours and weekends.

Mrs. Rylee’s enthusiasm for teaching is contagious and the staff at her school also appreciate her and give her rave reviews!!!”

Submitted by: Sasha Pino

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