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Scott Eddy – Mount Ogden Junior High

Mr. Eddy is one of those teachers that truly changes students’ lives. He is able to reach students that no other teacher can connect with. His dedication and compassion toward his students is impressive. Mr. Eddy is always staying late to help students with homework and projects. He volunteers his lunch time to spend it in the lunchroom sitting and helping with the kids. He is the first teacher to volunteer to ride the bus on field trips. Mr. Eddy is always trying to better himself. He goes to conferences and stays up to date on any new info for the classes he teaches. He has been working really hard the last two years to get his Masters in Education, and he graduates this month. Mr. Eddy not only helps his students, he helps his fellow teachers and administrators. He is the first to volunteer to help with anything. He helps the Drama teacher make props for the play. He volunteers to cover a class if a teacher is absent and we can’t get a sub quick enough. He is always willing to cover things like bus duty if a teacher has a conflict. He takes on any extra responsibilities that our administration asks him to. Mr. Eddy goes above and beyond what he is required to. He wanted to help students learn to write better so he started buying apples for students who would write him a letter. When our students go on their end of the year field trip to a laser tag place, he pays for students who don’t have the money to participate. He always donates to our fundraisers. Mr. Eddy deserves this award. He truly cares about his students. He takes the time to get to know them individually. He is a role model to his students as well to his fellow teachers.

–Jessica Harrison