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Shareka Gregory – Sierra Bonita Elementary

When my daughter was able to turn in a request form last May, the first teacher on her list was Mrs. Gregory. I knew nothing about her or her teaching style, but my daughter was drawn to her. As this school year approached, she celebrated as she found out who her teacher was. She was so excited to start school and be in Mrs. Gregory’s class.

School starts and from day one, my daughter has loved going to school. When she has to stay home because she is sick, my daughter cries because she will miss out on all of the awesome things Mrs. Gregory has planned for them. Mrs. Gregory has an Instagram for her 4th grade class. On there she takes pictures and videos of the kids and things they are working on at school. As a parent, I love this! I cannot be there every day to see all the amazing things she is doing, but I feel like a part of it because Mrs. Gregory takes the time to do this.

Not knowing much about Mrs. Gregory, only the amazing things my daughter tells me! Just a little over a month ago, I received an email from Mrs. Gregory and it stated that she was expecting her first child. She explained that her and her husband had struggled with starting a family and after lots of money spent, she was finally pregnant. She went in for a Dr. appointment and they were unable to find a heartbeat. My heart broke when I read this, she is just such an amazing person and it saddened me that this was going on in her life. However, she told the parents she “would be at school for your sweet darlings on Tuesday because they just heal my heart” talk about an amazing person, but not only that an amazing and dedicated teacher.

It doesn’t stop there…we received our monthly newsletter in our child’s folder and it read at the top something similar to this thank you for your support during this difficult time. Then she explained that when her heart is aching she just wants to serve. She adopted a class and was in close contact with a teacher in Texas effected by the hurricane and was collecting and mailing supplies and donations to them. This just shows you what kind of a person she is.

I would love for her to be recognized on your teacher feature. We think she is just amazing and I know I am not the only parent that feels this way!

-Ashly Atwater