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Shelly Chamberlain – Robert Frost Elementary

Although she seems like an ordinary human walking Robert Frost’s halls, Mrs. Shelly Chamberlain is anything but ordinary. Shelly has her hands full, as many educators often do. Within one class she has some students with autism spectrum disorders, learning disorders, behavioral issues, and other special needs and considerations as well as kids who are above grade level in learning.

Somehow, this Superwoman has managed to differentiate learning in a way that she stimulates every mind within her classroom. She meets every child at their level and helps them reach their full potential as a student and person. She engages each student individually as though they are the sole reason she teaches. She provokes thinking and acts as a mentor for those children who are above grade level in reading and math. She has mastered the ability to awaken and develop creativity and curiosity. Shelly celebrates the learning experience with Hip-Hip Hooray Calls to parents and Silent Celebrations.

From her Super Hero Thinking Masks (used during tests to help kids tap into their super thinking powers) and Tasty Tuesdays to her Go Noodles, she has made learning an exhilarating adventure for her second graders. I am honored to have my daughter in her class and am forever in her debt for the lifelong learning Mrs. Chamberlain has embedded in her.

–Beckie Hennessy