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Susan Johanson, Kays Creek Elementary

“Mrs. Johanson makes learning fun. She does such a great job at making each student feel special and successful. She knows how to challenge her students with positivity and encouragement. She brings joy to her classroom (and her zoom calls 😉) In a year of constant changes and huge uncertainty I’m so grateful my child has had Mrs. Johanson to bring a loving sense of normalcy and excitement to her school experience.”

Submitted by: Shantelle Lodder

“I have a child with Down syndrome. She includes her in her classroom, is accepting of her and treats her as she does the other students.”

Submitted by: Jodi Sorensen

“She makes my son feel great about himself and helps him to see his accomplishments. She is teaching the children about healthy eating and has them eat a healthy snack every day. She has been great at figuring out new ways that the kids can learn on digital Fridays.”

Submitted by: Marinda Townsend

“She teaches with patience, care and a smile. She is hard working and committed to her class. My son loves her. She does fun activities like dance and snack time.”

Submitted by: Raquel Hodges

“Mrs. Johanson is incredibly sweet and loving to the student’s she teaches. She goes above and beyond to make my daughter feel safe and right at home. One day, while at school, my daughter ripped a hole in her coat and Mrs. Johanson stayed behind to sew it closed for her. Most teachers would show empathy however Mrs. Johanson went above and beyond. My daughter loves her class and thoroughly enjoys learning. She feels comfortable to speak up and ask questions knowing she’ll get the help she needs. Thanks for everything you do Mrs. Johanson!!”

Submitted by: Baylie Kurtz

“Mrs. Johanson is the best teacher. She is always singing with them, doing fun programs, she absolutely loves her class and the students adore her! She spends extra time with my son who is struggling with reading and he is doing so much better because of it! We absolutely love her and everyone in who has ever had her would agree with me that she is the Best 2nd grade teacher! ❤️”

Submitted by: Emily Jacobsen

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