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Tabitha Pacheco – Noah Webster Academy

Tabitha has gone above and beyond the last 2 years at Noah Webster Academy. She teaches special education and has made a difference in hundreds of students lives. She created a character education program and basic social skills are taught in every class now. Last year she was very concerned about struggling scholars (not just those in special education) and started a summer school program for any scholar to participate in. She planned all the lessons and curriculum for 5 summer school classes. She puts in many late nights and hours during the summer to work on school wide programs. She has presented at conferences and has helped many new charter schools start their special education programs. She is well known in the special education community for the amazing job she does. she is always happy to help other schools and answer questions. She loves Noah Webster Academy and loves the scholars she works with. She has helped many scholars with learning and behavior disabilities be able to participate with their grade level classes all day long. She truly makes a difference and wants every scholar to be successful. She is not afraid to set high expectations and help her students meet their potential. Noah Webster Academy is a better school, and Orem is better community because of the contributions Tabitha makes to the education field.

-Michael Pacheco