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Tiffany Greenwood – Saratoga Shores Elementary School

Tiffany Greenwood is a dedicated teacher at Saratoga Shores Elementary School. She loves all children and demonstrates her fondness every day she teaches through her patience, soothing voice, and gentle compassion. She goes beyond helping her students with small disabilities, and involves herself with those children who are very severely disabled mentally, physically, and emotionally. Included are the learning disabled, who are the students who don’t learn very well. She spends quality time with each child helping them until they understand and are able to do the task.

One of Mrs. Greenwood’s many exceptional qualities is that she puts forth much effort and never gives up on any child. She has an optimistic outlook and a strong belief in a positive attitude, which she demonstrates daily, even in exhausting circumstances. She never tires of doing what is best for her students, and giving them as much individual attention as they need to feel they are worthwhile and give them confidence.

She teaches her students to learn and obtain social skills, along with behavior skills. She teaches the basics, including colors, shapes, and to show kindness toward each other. She is an excellent teacher and teaches through example, role model, and various games and activities that she presents to the students. This helps them to learn in a positive and fun way.

She also reads books to them so they can start to understand that words go with pictures. This helps them become lovers of stories, as she constantly talks to them and they begin to put things together and notice how to communicate by listening and trying to repeat or answer. The devotion that Mrs. Greenwood has to her students assists greatly in their future learning and well being. She has even gone out of her way for special individual visits to several children, who need a little extra learning and as she assists them, showing her love, they steadily improve in all aspects of their knowledge and skills.

Mrs. Greenwood loves her students and they love her and trust her completely. They are always very happy to see her and they express their joy by trying and doing the best they can.

She spends each day doing much to enhance the education of each and every student and enjoys working with these children. It is very tiring work, but she works tirelessly because she has such a strong love for these students and wants to help them learn much so that their lives can be greatly improved. She tries to bring out the potential inside each and every student that she teaches.

Along with her optimistic, encouraging attitude, Mrs. Greenwood creates an enhanced learning environment that will continue to prepare each of her students for their own future opportunities. She has been an inspiration to me as I have seen her endless, continuous devotion, discovered her inner strength, and can feel the admiration and love she has for each one of her students, as well as the love and admiration they show for her, including the progress and growth they accomplish.
Because of her outstanding example of a caring and dedicated teacher, I would like to nominate Mrs. Tiffany Greenwood for the KSL/Zions Bank Teacher Feature.

-Bonnie Harris Greenwood