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Timothy McNeil, Corner Canyon High School

The following was submitted by Kristin Carter.

“I want to send this application in for a teacher at Corner Canyon High School . Mr McNeil is an art, wood working teacher at Corner Canyon High School. Mr McNeil is a teacher that goes beyond helping his students. He fosters hard work, creativity, independence, confidence, and happiness. Mr. McNeil is state recognized for the wood work Guitars that are completely hand made from a variety of woods. He takes an enormous amount of time to help his students succeed.
The students are given the opportunity to design, pick out the different wood type, and create something they design from night stands, tables of all sorts, dressers, guitars etc. He also is an art teacher so students also are able to draw and create amazing art work.

Mr McNeil teaches and expresses the importance of safety while working with the machinery and all the equipment.
My son was enrolled in at least one class a year starting with freshman year. He created and built and drew amazing creations and pictures. Our son was busy with sports and his heavy school curriculum and this was an amazing outlet to let him do something he loved. His designs were at times extremely technical and required a lot of extra time. Mr McNeil had early hours, after school hours and weekend hours to assist all students with the opportunity to complete projects and also to design more technical projects and have the extra time to work on them. He encourage the students to submit there projects in art shows, regional competitions, and even national competitions. Even though these competitions were after hours and on weekends you would find him supporting all of students at these events.

Mr McNeil went out of his way to help these kids succeed, build confidence, find their hidden talents, and celebrate their accomplishments with them. He was an incredible mentor. We are grateful for this teacher for believing in our son, for encouraging him to try almost impossible designs, for taking the hundreds of extra hours on his behave and all the other students, for helping them find solutions to help them in their designs, for giving the students the opportunity to express themselves and excel.”