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Mr. Hendry is my Fifth Grade Teacher at Sharon Elementary and he has had a huge impact on me this year! I was being bullied by kids last year for being overweight, having glasses, and being nice to everyone no matter who they are or what they looked like. Despite efforts on my mom’s part and the school’s to put a stop to it, the bullying continued. I was afraid it would continue in fifth Grade, especially with 2 new teachers to the school. I was very uneasy over the summer and nervous for what the new school year would bring for me. My mom encouraged me to give Mr. Hendry my teacher and chance. I cannot begin to tell you just how much I love Mr. Hendry. I feel very comfortable in his class. He watches out for me, and has made me feel safe in the school again. So much so that I am genuinely happy to go to school each day and excited to see just what Mr. Hendry has in store for me each day!

Mr. Hendry makes the classroom fun by letting us earn free time points that we can use on Friday for whatever we want including extra recess time. He lets us have class parties in which the kids are in charge of everything. He trusts us enough to be leaders in the class, and to help other students if needed. Even if we are learning something hard like chemistry or math, he makes it into a game. Mr. Hendry understands that 5th grade is a big grade, and that he is helping set us up to succeed.

Mr. Hendry has a little girl named Meadow. Earlier this year, she had to have surgery at Primary Children’s Hospital to cut her skull so that her brain could grow. He didn’t want to leave us, but was convinced to have a substitute teacher, my mom, who promised she would take care of the class so that he didn’t need to worry and he could go with his wife on the surgery day. He cares so much about us that he texted my mom several times while sitting waiting during surgery to make sure everything at school was going well. Mr. Hendry works long hard hours after school. There are several times a week that we will pass the school at 6ish pm and we will see that his car is still in the parking lot and he is still there working hard.

Mr. Hendry is never afraid to take on new challenges, and loves to teach. Each day it feels like I am going to play instead of going to boring school. He allows us to juggle, reads us books out loud to teach us to love to read, and he uses games to help us learn. For example we play the game sparkle for spelling. You have to take turns going around the room spelling the spelling words one letter at a time, and at the end say sparkle. The next person in line after you say sparkle is out. It has really helped the lower students in our class learn how to spell.

I really would like Mr. Hendry to receive this award. Not only because he deserves it, but because he and his wife could use a dinner and night away together, especially because all of the health issues they are facing with little Meadow. Please Please Please award my 5th grade teacher Mr. Hendry!
– Abigail Wiscombe