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Travis Wood, Cedar High School

“Travis teaches science and biology at Cedar High school and previously taught at Cedar Middle School. He lost his right leg serving in Afghanistan in 2007 and turned his passion for helping youth into a teaching degree.

He is a favorite of students and faculty alike with his positive attitude and always looking to serve. His hands on approach to science and biology is so well loved by the students, there is a wait list just to get in his class!

Travis also speaks frequently at youth camps or organizations that support youth about his experience in Afghanistan and enduring over 84 surgeries while at Walter Reed Medical center in Washington DC during a 2 year period.

Travis does not like the spot light and always seems quiet and unremarkable, yet that’s what makes him the most remarkable of all. His activities, field trips and projects make the student’s learning environment productive and fun. Travis’ self sacrifice for his country and for his teaching are identical. He has always has been my personal hero.”

Nominated by: Edwin Calkins

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