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Trina McGowan, Indian Hills Middle School

“I had Trina McGowan as a teacher from 1997-2000 during my junior high years at Indian Hills Middle. From her, I developed a love of education and writing, putting me on a path to become an educator. In high school and college, I kept in touch with her and could tell she was continuing to inspire her students, engage them in rigorous instruction, and provide leadership to other teachers in her school building.

Now that I have been a school principal, I recognize more in hindsight the remarkable teacher Trina was, and her impact not only on the thousands of students she has taught over the decades, but on Utah’s public education system overall. Specifically, Trina makes connections to students, making content relevant in their lives. She models and inspires a love of reading. She focuses instruction on anchor skills that help students succeed in high school and beyond.

From Trina, I developed a love and skillset in writing that helped me thrive in high school courses and through my recent Doctoral program. Students that have her are fortunate to have her because of the life skills they gain and a love of learning that will last them the rest of their lives.

Thank you for considering Trina for this recognition.”

Submitted by: Aaron Wilson

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