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Wendi McCloy – Sand Springs Elementary School

Hands down Mrs. McCloy has been the best teacher any of my children has been privileged to have. My son struggles with anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. Mrs. McCloy has patiently and lovingly taught and encouraged him all year. She has helped with bullying situations, getting special accommodations for him and providing a sounding board for him. She also held “group recess” when he was struggling with being teased by the other children. Other times she spent her recess walking around the school yard listening to him. She even kept lotion in her drawer for him to use when his hands bled from all of his obsessive washing. She was able to provide just what he needed when he needed it – love and encouragement at times and other times the firmness he needed.

When his anxiety was so terrible that he was unable to attend school she worked with me to homeschool him; sending worksheets, providing websites, books and support to me. Every time we spoke she was more than happy to help and I always knew that she was doing her very best to help and teach my child.

Mrs. McCloy has made it possible for Garrett to have a successful 3rd grade year. And I am forever thankful to her!

–Jennifer Iverson