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Wendy Olschewski, Navigator Pointe Academy (NPA)

“Wendy is a Second Grade Teacher who continues to go above and beyond her requirements for teaching. In addition to spending time in her class and making sure that the 22+ students are not only safe but are excited to learn each day, but she is also responsible for each of her online students and applies the same care for them as she does her in class students. Many of her past students go out of their way to come to her classroom after school each day to say both hello and goodbye.

Wendy is also responsible for the K-3 testing and reading programs that are mandated by both the State of Utah and Federal Government. Most schools and Districts have an entire team to do this where Wendy is the only one who with the Director manages and implements both programs taking additional personal time to make sure that her classroom never suffers.

Because all of this, Wendy has been dubbed NPA’s favorite 2nd Grade Teacher. The attached picture is a single page of a book one of her students made for her at home and this is only one example of the love her students have for her and she for them.”

Nominated by: James