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William Catmull – Granger High School

Bill Catmull was my wood shop teacher at Skyline High school thirty-three years ago. I recently ran into Bill at a career fair at the Granite Technical Institute (GTI) with my 14-year-old son. Bill is still teaching; he now teaches wood shop at Granger High.

Bill was there for me when I needed him most. When I was a just starting high school my older brother who was one grade up from me dropped out of school and moved away. I missed him very much, he was my closest friend and when I started high school Bill was there for me.

I have always loved working with my hands and wood shop is what kept me going to school. Bill taught us how to make many things including a longboard, snowboard, furniture, Canoe and Kitchen cabinets and many other things. As a Junior we made all the cabinets for a home that the Granite school district students built and then the district sold.

Bill is one of the smartest people that I know. He introduced us to computers before any other teachers even knew what they were. He would say “you better learn how to use computers or you will be using a shovel in the future”. I know Bill loved and cared for me and many others. He helped me build a foundation for the rest of my life. He influenced so many of us for good. When I ran into him recently he still knew many of us by name from over thirty years ago. He said “those were good years”. Now my two sons are in high school and life is rough at time for teenagers. I am sure they have some good teachers but I wish they had someone like Bill in their lives like I did then.

I am sure Bill is still influencing many young people at Granger high for good. I am sure the principal there would have some good things to say about him also.
I just wanted to honor Bill and say thank you.

–Jeff Bierman