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Which Stranger Things kid are you?

What's your signature jam?

boom box music jam

Every hero needs a theme song.

How do you get around?

1981 Chrysler Dodge

We've all got to have a way to get from point A to point B. And how you do it says a lot about you!

Pick a quote

Getty Images Stranger Things

Why are you in detention?


Come on. We've all been there.

Pick your after-school activity...

school gym

We all know Mom's not going to let you skate through school without some kind of extracurricular activity. What's it going to be?

What will you be for Halloween?

E.T. Halloween

What better way to express the real you than by pretending to be anyone or anything you want?

Which Stranger Things kid are you?
You are... Mike!

Stranger Things

You are smart, thoughtful and committed to your friends -- no matter what. They look to you as the Dungeon Master -- the leader of the pack and planner of shenanigans. Your friends always trust you with their secrets.
You are... Lucas!

Stranger Things

You are slow to trust, but once you accept a new friend, you are all in. You have strong values when it comes to what it means to be part of the team. Your friends underestimate your skill with the slingshot at their peril!
You are... Dustin!

Stranger Things

You are a real puzzle solver with the knowledge to help your friends make it out of any danger safely. You have a tendency to fall hard for people (and things) who don't love you back -- but you never let that hold you back from exploring and you always follow your heart and your curiosity.
You are... Will!

Stranger Things

You may appear shy and quiet on the outside, but you've got brains and heart -- enough to go toe-to-toe with the Big Bad Wolf and come out on top. You're a talented artist, unflinchingly honest and tend to put others first.
You are... Eleven!

Stranger Things

You don't have to have the power of psychokinesis to know your real strength is in how fiercely protective you are of your friends. You'd do anything for them... and they feel the same way about you. You know deep in your soul that home is where your friends are.
You are... Max!

Stranger Things

That tough outer shell masks a soft interior, but you don't care what other people think. You are loyal to your friends and 100% true to yourself, marching to the beat of your own drum.

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