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Wildlife officials say moose more aggressive this time of year

SUMMIT COUNTY – A dangerous wildlife encounter in Summit County has state officials telling everyone to be on the lookout for moose.  They say the animals are far more aggressive than many people expect, especially this time of year.

For people living near Jeremy Ranch, like resident Joe Fiore, moose are not an uncommon site.  “We came out about ten days ago and there were four moose in our front lawn.”  He adds he knows to give them all the room he possibly can.

A woman was found by hikers, seriously injured, and they have enough evidence to believe a moose attacked her.  Division of Wildlife Resources Spokesman Mark Hadley says the woman was spotted with her dog near Jeremy Ranch by two hikers.  He adds, “About 20 feet away, there was a cow moose and a calf moose.  The cow moose actually acted as if it was going to charge these two hikers.”  The woman was injured so badly, she wasn’t able to give medics her name.

Moose may appear docile, but Hadley says they can have a serious attitude.  “A cow moose, when it has a calf with it, if it perceives there’s a threat to the calf, it will be aggressive towards the threat.”  A bull moose is aggressive all year, but, Hadley says they’re especially aggressive during the fall, since it’s mating season.

(Photo Credit: Shutterstock file)