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Fire fighters ask homeowners to be extra cautious with their Christmas trees this year

SALT LAKE CITY — The shape and height of your tree shouldn’t be your first concern this Christmas season, as the fire department warns dry pine trees can be a fire risk in your home.

Eric Holmes, Public Information Officer with the Unified Fire Authority, said you should test your tree before buying, “If the needles fall off easily it’s a prime indicator it’s just a little too dry.”

Holmes said once you get that tree home you’ll want to set it up away from the fireplace or radiator and water it often. He said it’s also a good idea to check your lights and make sure the rubber coating still covers all the wires. If you need new lights, Holmes reccommends LEDs.

“New LED equipment is great,” Holmes said. “It doesn’t put off near as much of the heat.”

Listed below are few more tips from the UFA:

 Make sure it is not blocking an exit
 Add water everyday
 Lights are approved by qualified testing laboratory
 Indoor/outdoor appropriate
 Never use candles on tree
 Always turn off before leaving or sleeping