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Police re-release surveillance video, hope it can help solve a murder

SALT LAKE CITY – Police are re-releasing a surveillance video showing a pair of possible suspects in the shooting death of a man near Pioneer Park.  They’re asking people to take a very close look at one specific detail in the video.

Police have been investigating the shooting death of Shawn Manymules since the end of July.  However, Detective Matthew Roper says, “The amount of evidence we have has brought us to a standstill.”

The video was first released shortly after the murder.  Roper says they’re releasing it again and they want people to look at one of the suspect’s left hand.  He says, “One of the suspects is making a motion with his left hand, and we believe this is mannerism that’s specific to that individual.”

The suspect in question is on the right of the video screen, and Roper says it looks like the man is flicking his own face, repeatedly.  “It’s not a standard motion that you would see someone make with their hands empty.  He’s moving his fingers around, from what we can tell.  His arm is making a couple of rapid motions.”

Roper is asking anyone who knows the man with that physical characteristic to call the police.

The other suspect in the video is either Caucasian or Hispanic, wearing a black hat with a white logo.