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Child endangerment charges handed down after three-year old ingests meth

GRANTSVILLE – Prosecutors in Tooele County hand down the charges after a mother and her two siblings were arrested after a long night of partying, and a three-year old drank soda laced with meth.

Grantsville investigators says the three-year-old may have drank the soda laced with meth on accident.  “One of the females left one of the water bottles in an area that was in reach of the child,” according to Grantsville Police Spokesperson Alison Peterson.

Peterson says the child was taken to the hospital by their grandmother after she noticed the child was acting funny.  Peterson says they have their fair share of drug cases, but, “This is something that is not common in our city.”

The probable cause statement says Ashley, Lucinda and Daniel Black were all taken into custody after a long night of partying.  Reportedly, all three tried to blame each other.  However, the statement says Ashley gave it to Lucinda, who put it in the water bottle.  It also says the women considered putting a bag of meth in their brother’s pocket to frame him.